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Posts tagged ‘kumquats’

Golden Harvest

The citrus fruit are miraculously good this year. There’s a bit of fruit fly damage here and there, but our haul of golden treasure is beyond miraculous. For a start, the satsuma tree excelled after “resting” in 2017:

Satsumas close-upPeeling the fruit sets free an intense fragrance… eating them is a blessing.  Read more


Towards Self-sufficiency

There’s a whole lot of fruit on our citrus trees. It’s wonderful to see lemons, limes, satsumas and baby kumquats developing fast in the heat, with irrigation to get the juice going, if not flowing – yet. There’s so much to look forward to!

The lemons (above left) are plentiful again this year, and it looks as if there will be a good crop of satsumas too (above right). Read more

A surprise in store

There are times when our plants cause me to do a double-take. This happened today.

I often take some steps back to view an area either from above, from a bedroom window or from the roof; or from a distance, as from the back doorstep looking over the raised beds. It helps to see the garden in perspective and to spot things I might not see from close up… Read more