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Taking the air in Maadi

Tuesday: Time for a day out from the Jasmine Garden, and a chance a) to learn about the fascinating art and science of aromatherapy, and b) to wander along the tree-lined streets of Maadi, admiring other people’s gardens – always fun – and checking out the local nurseries.


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I don’t think a gardener ever likes to lose a plant. Certainly not one that is well-established, and part of the scheme of things in the garden. But there are times when, absence chemical spraying, there is no alternative but to uproot.

Calliandra 9.18Our powder puff tree, Calliandra haematocephala, is in a terrible mess. Covered in sticky white fluff, with honeydew all around and – as a result – also swarming with ants, it is an utterly depressing sight.

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The Volunteer Brigade

There’s an odd thing about the raised beds. Every one of the four main beds has a volunteer plant, not necessarily edible but sort-of satisfying in its own way.

First off is raised bed 4 as it’s nearest the study where I write, where a gorgeous deep purple Ipomoea or morning glory has taken off:

Ipomoea RB4 9.18

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