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The Honey Flows

We have just extracted the first batch of honey this year: deep golden to light brown, with a distinctive and quite mellow flavour, it brings a wonderful warmth to the throat and a pleasing taste to the tongue. Nothing thin, bland or self effacing about this honey: it is as full-bodied as it is full of Egyptian sunshine.

Invalid food┬áIt arrived just in the nick of time: I have been floored by a very nasty bout of flu, unable even to get out into the garden – imagine! Emergency supplies of lemon juice, from our tree, and honey, kindly donated by our bees, have helped to pick me up. Read more

A Good Crunch

The winter weather may be unpredictable, but I’m relieved to say this isn’t stopping our raised beds from producing bountifully right now. Chief among the produce are salad crops: Truth is, the peas and green beans almost entirely failed to germinate in the autumn.

Salad days 2.18So we can add a lot of colour to our salad bowl – and sink our (veggie) teeth into a good crunch! Read more

Enjoying the Bright Lights

Chard “Bright Lights” is coming along brilliantly in raised bed 1 these days. It’s a real beauty with big, glossy leaves and ribs from cream to yellow to bright red. Against the foil of variegated greens from our salad leaves, spinach, dill, flat-leaf parsley and beetroot it has set one end of the bed aglow.
Chard bright lights RB1 2.18

Read more