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Ficus stumpsThey’ve gone. The ficus trees planted as a hedge at the back of the kitchen garden have been cut down; only the stumps are left.

I sense not just the trees nearby, and the surviving plants in the raised beds, will now be able to breathe.  I can feel more air and more light in the whole of this section of the garden. It’s a weight lifted. Or maybe not…. Read more

The Crunch

I think we have reached the tipping-point. After a dismal year among the raised beds with poorer spinach and salad yields than previously, wretched tomatoes, inedible carrots and stunted beetroots – I could go on, but I will spare you the agony – something has to be done.

Raised beds overview 9.18

I guess that seen from above they look passable, netted against cats and larger insects (Ha! No chance!) and getting plentiful sun. But the surroundings indicate part of the problem – too many trees. Read more

The Volunteer Brigade

There’s an odd thing about the raised beds. Every one of the four main beds has a volunteer plant, not necessarily edible but sort-of satisfying in its own way.

First off is raised bed 4 as it’s nearest the study where I write, where a gorgeous deep purple Ipomoea or morning glory has taken off:

Ipomoea RB4 9.18

Read more