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Posts from the ‘Fruit’ Category

A Rogues’ Gallery

We have had our share of bug attacks in the Jasmine Garden. But over the past year or two, infestations have been horrendous.

The worst attack was on the guava tree. A perfect storm of mealy bugs and sooty mould encrusted the underside of leaves in summer 2017. Meanwhile, fruit flies and their larvae got to work on the fruits with a vengeance, boring, squirming, munching…

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted

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Orphan fruit

So our lone pomegranate has finally ripened… As you can see, beautiful from one point of view, less-than-perfect from another. After watching this one develop over a period of months, and detaching a few companion fruit that were attacked by pests, we have taken the plunge and picked the survivor today… Read more

A surprise in store

There are times when our plants cause me to do a double-take. This happened today.

I often take some steps back to view an area either from above, from a bedroom window or from the roof; or from a distance, as from the back doorstep looking over the raised beds. It helps to see the garden in perspective and to spot things I might not see from close up… Read more