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Posts from the ‘Fruit’ Category

Golden Harvest

The citrus fruit are miraculously good this year. There’s a bit of fruit fly damage here and there, but our haul of golden treasure is beyond miraculous. For a start, the satsuma tree excelled after “resting” in 2017:

Satsumas close-upPeeling the fruit sets free an intense fragrance… eating them is a blessing.  Read more

Jewels on the Plate

And all too rare they are…

Pomegranate seeds 8.18

Our one remaining pomegranate has been picked today with due pomp, and ceremoniously prised open in the kitchen. This process is not to be taken lightly – you never know what you might find inside one of our all-organic, bug-attacked fruit.

Happily, this one has done us proud. Read more

Under Wraps

Date palm after wrapping 7.18

So our bunches of dates have just been wrapped up. That is, after watching the neighbourhood’s birds snacking on them and finding numerous pecked-at fruit scattered around on the ground at the foot of the tree, we brought a local gardener in to net them for protection. He did a neat job. Read more