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Posts from the ‘Our garden: Produce’ Category

Golden Harvest

The citrus fruit are miraculously good this year. There’s a bit of fruit fly damage here and there, but our haul of golden treasure is beyond miraculous. For a start, the satsuma tree excelled after “resting” in 2017:

Satsumas close-upPeeling the fruit sets free an intense fragrance… eating them is a blessing.  Read more

The Raised Beds Lark

RB3 11.18Before I started gardening in New Cairo, I had a dream… It had to do with a series of raised beds, filled with lovely, crumbly, richly organic soil, producing seasonal crops in healthy rotation. Rather like the many incredible kitchen and market gardens I see regularly on Instagram, where gardeners all over the world, and especially in Australia, seem to have perfected the art and science of growing anything they want.

It had rather less to do with the brutal reality of my four-and-a-half raised beds where the soil is lifeless, seeds won’t germinate – except for volunteer borage (above), the bugs and snails are having feast days, and … and … and Read more


Ficus stumpsThey’ve gone. The ficus trees planted as a hedge at the back of the kitchen garden have been cut down; only the stumps are left.

I sense not just the trees nearby, and the surviving plants in the raised beds, will now be able to breathe.  I can feel more air and more light in the whole of this section of the garden. It’s a weight lifted. Or maybe not…. Read more