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Posts from the ‘Our garden: Herbaceous borders’ Category

Springboard for the Senses

Shape – colour – texture – fragrance… The spring garden has them in abundance. You can add to these: sound, from birdsong; and flavour, from the produce in the raised beds or the herbs planted all around and bursting with essential oils.

Osteospermum 2

Every year I am surprised by spring. It comes so suddenly: One minute the garden is quiet, full of potential, biding its time. The next moment, it has burst into exuberant life, as with the trailing daisy, Osteospermum ecklonis (above). Read more

A Rogues’ Gallery

We have had our share of bug attacks in the Jasmine Garden. But over the past year or two, infestations have been horrendous.

The worst attack was on the guava tree. A perfect storm of mealy bugs and sooty mould encrusted the underside of leaves in summer 2017. Meanwhile, fruit flies and their larvae got to work on the fruits with a vengeance, boring, squirming, munching…

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted

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The Blues… and the Greens

For the past couple of months – bar a short trip to London to visit our two delightful little diversions* – I’ve been working hard in the garden. In winter time in Egypt it’s all go if only to catch up with everything you couldn’t get done in summer with the heat, exhaustion, holidays and so on!

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