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In the chaos of the traffic, the noise and fuel pollution, the crowds and the aggression of a megacity, there has to be a way to take shelter.

In Cairo, where to go to find peace, calm and a space to collect your Self?

Melia azedarach El-azhar 10.18My favourite retreat is into El-Azhar Park, a “green lung” on a rise to the east of the city, between the densely populated streets of Darb El-Ahmar and the Moqattam Hills where limestone was quarried by the pyramid builders thousands of years ago. Read more

The Power of (not quite) Flowers

Cascading bougainvilleaBougainvillea is a riotous plant, no question. It’s not so easy to get it going – being fussy about its roots and disliking disturbance down there – but once it’s off, there’s no stopping the shrub (if that’s what it is). Read more