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Posts from the ‘Medicinal’ Category

The Rough & the Soothing

Whenever I write about our garden produce, it’s all about what we can eat, how much the produce weighs/how many we’ve harvested, what the taste is like – and so on. Or it might be about how I’ve got things wrong, and the crop has failed, or disappeared.

This week, for a change, I’m putting a neglected plant to good use, with a view to soothing the endless bruises and grazes I get while working in the garden.

Comfrey plant  9.18.jpg

So let me introduce you to our comfrey (Symphytum officinale). Grown from seeds brought from the UK, she has quietly persisted in a shady spot under the hedge for years. Each spring she produces new leaves, then maybe the odd head of little pink flowers before dying back in the autumn ready for a new year’s growth. No fuss, no great show and just a few mealy bugs, while the pot has disintegrated around her. Read more

Nursery Times

I love pottering around plant nurseries. Not garden centres, with their underwhelming supermarket rows of same-ish plants and overpriced packets of seeds and shelves of useless stuff for adding trendy touches to conservatory and garden.

No, I mean the kind you meander through, never knowing what plant you might encounter in the next section or under a pergola or tucked away in a corner. Places where serendipitous finds enthral, appearing when least expected.

Nursery plants 8.18

My latest haul from just such a treasure-hunt: Moringa (tallest, at back), Justicia (a little less tall, with few leaves), Sedum – oh, and a couple of surprise seedlings too. And I’ve had such fun rooting them out. Read more

Jewels on the Plate

And all too rare they are…

Pomegranate seeds 8.18

Our one remaining pomegranate has been picked today with due pomp, and ceremoniously prised open in the kitchen. This process is not to be taken lightly – you never know what you might find inside one of our all-organic, bug-attacked fruit.

Happily, this one has done us proud. Read more