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Retreat from the Heat and the Dust

We are in the middle of a mini-heatwave. The air in Heliopolis yesterday felt like a fan oven. Today, the temperature in New Cairo hit 39C (100F) in the shade, and I can only imagine what it must be like for farmers working in the fields, or commuters travelling downtown.

On top of all that, Cairo has been named by the World Health Organisation as the second most polluted major city in the world, after New Delhi.

In the circumstances, the Jasmine Garden is now, more than ever, our retreat from stifling heat, dust and pollutants.

Garden view 5.18

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The Dour and the Glory

We’ve had the thunderstorms and sandstorms, the flash floods in wadis (not in our garden, thankfully) and the roof flying off our beehive. Now, the heat has hit us and the garden is, in truth, past its spring best.

The story is mixed, however. There are shady areas where the grass is green, the plants thriving – among the fruit trees, for example. And there are splashes of colour from our faithful shrubs, hibiscus and rose. Meanwhile, the flame trees (Delonix regia) are filling the street outside the garden with a magnificent show, the odd branch spilling over into our garage and filling it with glorious, bright red flowers:

Even so, this isn’t the happiest time in the jasmine garden. Read more

The Honey Flows

We have just extracted the first batch of honey this year: deep golden to light brown, with a distinctive and quite mellow flavour, it brings a wonderful warmth to the throat and a pleasing taste to the tongue. Nothing thin, bland or self effacing about this honey: it is as full-bodied as it is full of Egyptian sunshine.

Invalid food┬áIt arrived just in the nick of time: I have been floored by a very nasty bout of flu, unable even to get out into the garden – imagine! Emergency supplies of lemon juice, from our tree, and honey, kindly donated by our bees, have helped to pick me up. Read more