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Posts from the ‘Gifts of the Nile’ Category

The Wonder of Trees

I wonder: does anything in nature surpass the astonishing variety and beauty of her trees?

Bauhinia purpurea1At this time of year in Egypt, as elsewhere, many of them are putting on a stunning display. I’m astonished: Trees habitually take my breath away. Read more

Springing to Life

Narcissus Club 1.18I have just discovered spring bulbs growing in Egypt. It may be no surprise to some, but I had no idea they grow here –  I’ve never seen them in a public park or other space, a garden or a florist’s. But as I walked among the wild and wonderful nursery beds in a somewhat abandoned corner of our local sports club, there they were: whole clumps of narcissus nestling under the trees. Read more

Marvellous moringa

A new herb has started to pop up in our supermarkets – at least, it’s new to me. I can’t think that I have ever seen it on the shelves before. From organic herbal tea bags by Sekem – “rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the body” – to packets of fresh leaves from Ramsco – “best remedy for natural weight loss…. Tiny leaves. Enormous benefits” – moringa is being promoted for an astonishing range of benefits… Read more