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Posts by Sylvia Ismail

Labour of Love (and sweat, and tears)

So the side border is done. I can breathe a sigh of relief, rest on my – er, laurels (but, please, not Indian laurels!!) – and take stock. I’m sure the back section, completed two weeks ago, is leaping ahead as the hibiscus and jasmines, plumbago and even the sulky roses, are throwing out glossy new shoots.

The front part, just finished in nearly 40C heat, is looking good:

Front section done 6.18I’m not sure that I am… sweat and tears, pronounced “tairs” as in lacerated skin from thorns, have been predominant. I need a rest. Read more

Towards Self-sufficiency

There’s a whole lot of fruit on our citrus trees. It’s wonderful to see lemons, limes, satsumas and baby kumquats developing fast in the heat, with irrigation to get the juice going, if not flowing – yet. There’s so much to look forward to!

The lemons (above left) are plentiful again this year, and it looks as if there will be a good crop of satsumas too (above right). Read more

Border Control

Border viewNo question, the herbaceous borders are not looking good. I left them too long while pottering around the kitchen garden and obsessing about the fruit trees. Poor, sad borders…They need attention and a lot of TLC. Read more