And then there was Boris….

Something has happened in our garden over the past week or two. The rosemary has grown out of control.

Rosemary 3   6.16

It is supposed to stay quietly in its corner of the plot, but I have realised (too late!) it is taking over. There must be some cunning plan here. Unwieldy, straggly, with a top canopy that knows no boundaries, it has been pruned – hard – on past occasions but nothing will curb its irrepressible ambition which just keeps growing… and growing.

Rosemary 1  6.16

The rate it’s going at, I’m not sure where it will end up. Plants around it stand little chance: Nothing can stand up to it. Even the lemon tree, dignified and elegant, the result of years of careful cultivation and much shaping, may be in danger. So I have decided to call it Boris.

Of course, like all living things, this is a plant that starts off small…

Rosemary 4   61.16,

… but if not kept firmly in check it can get so carried away that, like the unfortunates in “Alice in Wonderland”, it may be in danger of losing its head.

Personally I blame the early influences in its life: the soil must have been too rich. Perhaps the best tactic now is to deprive it of light (and I am tempted to say of oxygen too) and watch it diminish by some sort of natural process of atrophy. Dream on!


8 thoughts on “And then there was Boris….

    • If I were you I would think very carefully before introducing another one of these plants into your garden. Of course they have their uses, and a certain decorative aspect (??!!), but by and large they are such dark horses you never know where this may lead….

  1. Sometimes it can be just the wrong place in the garden. If Rosemary turns out very vigorous in your garden it may just the plant to cover a difficult patch. I love my Nepeta for that – it will grow anywhere and flourish. Amelia

  2. Lovely comment, thank you Amelia. In the current circumstances (very unreliable personnel in the gardening team, they keep going off in all directions), I think the best way forward may be to find an alternative plot altogether, possibly on Mars.

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