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Oh Horrors! The Hedge!

Yesterday, I was sick. Unable even to creep out into the garden to supervise the new Engineer and his assistant. I may have been laid low by one of the many nasty seasonal bugs doing the rounds, or quite possibly by my own vegetarian cooking. The cause is immaterial. The effects are dire.

It was previously agreed that, this week, the Engineer would spread the compost (more properly, fertiliser, I think, but there is confusion surrounding the use of the word “kompoost” here in Egypt). That was why I had cleared the herbaceous borders, pruned the shrubs, moved some baby plants. And it was also agreed that we would start work on a second raised bed.

After 24 hours, I had to be out in the garden again. Really, a true gardener is lost without her plot!

The truth dawned. Not just herbaceous borders but all areas of soil remotely resembling a border had been buried under a mound of black “kompoost”. To add insult to injury, it was around the trunks of every single one of the Indian laurels in the hedge, spilling onto scrubby patches of grass, even feeding the odd comfrey plant (that is supposed to be there purely to provide….er, well, compost of the liquid kind).

Of all the plants we might have intended to feed and encourage to grow, the Indian laurels are probably the last. Their invasive roots are everywhere, upwardly mobile even into the top of the raised beds; they rob the soil of nutrients; they tower over lesser members of the plant kingdom with domineering arrogance; even the odd branch, chopped down in the summer and left by mistake at ground level, has taken root exactly where it fell.

The odd thing is I can’t find any more bags of compost for the raised beds in the kitchen garden , which – I thought we had agreed – are a second priority for the stuff. We seem to have come full circle…after cutting them right down to size during the summer, the Indian laurels have won!

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  1. The revenge of the Indian Laurels! I hope you are feeling better now. Amelia

    February 9, 2016
  2. I hope you are finally feeling better. I like your title and tag. You write very well. I hope you keep writing.

    February 9, 2016
    • Thank you! I feel better, but I have a bug of some sort. I can feel the energy flow (prana in yoga terms) is not right. I spent a morning collecting up the misplaced compost/fertiliser and relocating it. Felt I needed a vacuum cleaner to do the job properly! But the energy wasn’t positive. As a result I ache all over. I need to ride out the imbalance and get back into harmony with the garden (and the gardener!) A modern Tao meditation goes: “When birds fly too high, they sing out of tune.”

      February 10, 2016
  3. I Love your writings and I love Cairo.
    I grew up in Zamalek . Hope you feel better .
    Thank you for visiting my post.

    February 10, 2016

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