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Mini-update re: the balcony garden

From very small beginnings, the satellite garden at Bansuri Yoga is starting to grow:

This is a south-facing balcony so there is plenty of sunlight – beautiful at this time of year, but liable to overheat in the hot weather. The mini-garden may have to migrate to the cooler north-facing balcony for the summer season.

I think this is how every modest garden starts – you do what you can with the materials to hand and see where it takes you, in a way. It’s a pretty slow process of incrementally building up the soil, the range of plants, and the wildlife. Of course, a balcony garden means you have a lot more control over soil, plant encroachment and so on. But there’s still a happy element of serendipity if you let go a bit: so the calendulas have turned out to be sharing their pot with some lettuce seedlings – the result of re-using not just the container but the soil as well!

This is how “go with the flow” gardening works. There are others hereabouts who are at the opposite end of the spectrum: they scrap their existing lawn and instal a new one every spring, for all the world as if they were re-decorating the kitchen. I can’t quite see how this works, or why – it is possible, after all, to improve a struggling lawn, with some effort. Or how about a wildflower meadow, just to ring the changes?

There are more cuttings in the pipeline for Bansuri: rosemary, for one, and dill if I can prevent it from going to seed and exhausting itself:

On the subject of going to seed, I have discovered a healthy crop of baby plumbagos (P. capensis) nestling beneath the parent plants in our herbaceous border. This is a surprise – plumbago is normally propagated by cuttings – but it’s good news: more plants to move on to new homes, and maybe another one for the pot (for the balcony garden).

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