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Summer heat and Eureka moments

I’ve been away for two months, since late June. As you may know, it has been a turbulent time in Egypt; in the nearby suburb of Heliopolis there are graffiti everywhere, some witty and some blunt, all of them a sign of the ferment that has affected Egypt since June 30th.

As for the garden, it’s more like a jungle. It seems our gardener, the Engineer (he has a degree in agricultural science), has also been on his travels. Edges are overgrown, the hedge is disorderly, bougainvillea is reaching out across the alley way outside, the raised beds are riotous and – horror of horrors – we have an infestation of mealy bugs on some of the hibiscus. I wince when I see these little white packets of trouble. In our garden, biological pest control in this instance = finger+thumb+squish.

I don’t regret the time away. Far from it, it has been a great adventure in England, Italy, Austria and Wales in the company of some amazing people and for the most part under the bluest of skies. Yoga in Italy and Austria has enabled me to turn a corner; in fact it has guided me to re-draw the framework of my life. One of several highlights: Karma yoga in the Tyrol, digging, weeding and pruning in part of the Yoga Centre’s garden against a backdrop of rolling green meadows and mountain peaks – blissful!

So now it’s back to a run-away garden, and I hardly know where to start. For once, though, I’m disciplining myself to begin at the beginning. So I’m working from the fence by the garage in the SW corner, across the front of the house to the big side garden, then on to the kitchen garden at the back.

With day-time temperature hitting 35 Centi. I weed and turn over soil in the hot front garden early in the morning, finishing by 8:30. As the soil is reasonably damp, in the interests of water conservation we have reduced irrigation from morning + evening to evening only – always after dark. It runs in 15 minute slots with 3 slots to water the entire garden, so 45 minutes in total.

Every so often, there’s a Eureka moment. One happened yesterday: I turned up an earthworm! Therein lies a tale – more later.


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