A word about the title

I think I should explain the title “jasmine gate”. I’ve always had a thing about walled gardens, so secret and intriguing with the door in the wall hiding who knows what treasures inside. The sense of order once you enter is wonderfully satisfying – all those squared off beds and rows of veg growing just where they are supposed to. Bit of a walled garden junkie really. Not much to be done about the wall here in Cairo, so we planted a hedge, and installed an iron frame over the gateway. Hedge behaved well and grew usefully dense, but we are still working on the gate. The idea is not exactly that it will be “overcanopied with luscious woodbine, with sweet muskroses and with eglantine” but the nearer we can get to that the better. So ours has honeysuckle and jasmine intermingled. Here it is: I think we are getting there. Other gardens around us have impressive tunnel canopies over extensive frames, but I do wonder what creatures might drop out onto the head as you pass underneath….

jasmine gateway


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